About Us

Creative Builders, is a well known construction company located in the city center of the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Creative Builders have been a leading player in construction for well over a decade. Our in-house design and management team will be your best friend to tackle the task of giving shape to your dreams. At Creative Builders, we believe in customer care and we go out of the way to give personal attention to our clients. We derive strength from our in-house talent and we take pride in our creations. It is reflected in our mission statements.

Our Mission –Building Plans creatively

Our experience over the years in designing and implementing projects of all sizes and budgets, from commercial complexes to office buildings to luxury villas to beautiful homes, stands us in good stead as we set about to bring to fruit, our customer's dreams. Our turnaround times for projects and quality of execution have exceeded our client's expectations.

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